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I am Alex Chueng, a Frontend engineer, seven years experience of Frontend develop. The main work in the pass was: Front-end infrastructure construction, front-end module development, product development, etc.


  • Frondend: Typescript, Javascript, React, React-Native, Redux, Flutter, Webpack, Scss, CSS in JS, Gatsby, Next, TypeORM
  • Backend: Node, DynamoDB
  • Deployment: Docker, Netlify, Travis
  • Testing: Jest, Nightwatch, Cypress
  • Tools: Mac, GitHub, VSCode, Atom, Telegram, Google, Gmail, Jira

Work experience


2015.02 - 2020.02 (Manila PH)

  • Company Info: toB Integrated technology provider
  • Main business: Business system development, game development and API access, IM services..
  • Position: Frontend team leader.
  • Responsibility: Responsible for front-end infrastructure, planning and construction of Frontend-scaffolding, code review, project progress follow-up, front-end task assignment, front-end skills presentation and training.

Guangzhou Customs

2013.07 - 2015.01 (Guangzhou China)

  • Unit Info: China Customs.
  • Main business: Customs Business.
  • Position: Software engineer
  • Responsibility: Responsible for the development and maintenance of China Customs internal business system, new system prototyping, front-end application development.

Project experience


Synergy88 - Front-end infrastructure

  • Introduction:@mini-code is a organization of web frontend of base function library, provide a environment for frontend app’s development and deployment, data filter, RESTFul API, Testing, etc.
  • Structure:

    • @mini-code/base-func Core function library,provide modules of Array, Number, Datetime, Eventemitter
    • @mini-code/request HTTP requestment tool library, based on fetch API, provides data filtering support by middleware. Built-in RC4 encryption and decryption andLZMA decompression middleware, supporting RESTFul API
    • @mini-code/scripts Development environment based on react-scripts extension
    • @mini-code/page-generator Page generation tool, made to reduce the workload of management system development, improve system consistency and maintainability
    • version-helper A library that provides uniform application version numbers
    • web-server Based on node’s web server, built withtypescript + typeORM + express + mysql + docker
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Synergy88 - Front-end infrastructure

  • Introduction:@ deer-ui is a UI organization based onReact, which provides flexible and extensible front-end basic support for quickly startup web applications
  • Structure:

    • @deer-ui/core Core UI library, providing extensible UI Components foundation. atomic design principles
    • @deer-ui/enhance-ui Collection of enhanced UI components based on @ deer-ui / core
  • Technical tags: typescript, react
  • Applications:

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IM Client


  • Project Info: Used in combination with corporate business, for strategic products.
  • Responsibility: Web client production, Native client (Flutter direction) planning.
  • Technology: Front-end separation architecture. Using Typescript to build Client Application. Three layers structure, SDK -> Actions -> UI.

    1. SDK is provided with websocket as the communication channel, protobuf as the underlying communication protocol’s API package, and provided to Actions and UI data support.
    2. Actions is a package for applying core business data and corresponding operations, has a complete internal data structure, provides data for UI. Mainly uses Redux management solution.
    3. UI for data display and processing in response to user operations, as well as business processing, etc. Use React as a renderer.

Technical labels: Typescript, Protobuf, React, Redux, Flutter

Business Platform


  • Responsibility: Provide front-end basic technical support, front-end basic framework construction, business development task assignment, and output of various terminals (PC, Mobile, Client) applications.
  • Technology: The application of front-end and back-end applications are separated. The front-end uses Node as the transit server, mainly for front-end resource allocation, IP filtering, back-end configuration for client configuration, etc.

Technical labels: React, React-Native, Node, Electron

Guo Ji Si Integrated business management system

Guangzhou Customs

  • Project Info: China Customs Department International Division Business System, handling domestic customs officers and leading entry and exit procedures.
  • System structure: System layered architecture, into Data, Framework, Workflow, User, Web, Web Api, TDD(Test-driven development), realize the underlying logic to be highly reused, adapt to other business systems, If it need to develop other business systems, only need to implement the presentation layer Web.
  • Responsibility: Responsible for project front-end design, implementation and front-end organization, web api development.

Technical labels: Angular, D3, RequestJs, .NET MVC 4.5, Web API, MongoDB, MSSQL

Customs postal item inquiry system

Guangzhou Customs

  • Responsibility: WeChat access to the customs postal item system.
  • WeChat: 广州海关12360(gz12360)的邮递物件查询系统.

Technical labels: Polymer, Node, MONO



  • Self-discipline, self-motivation, keep learning, pursuit of perfection, seeking breakthrough.