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CSS3 backface-visiable 与 overflow 属性的冲突
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# 记录# CSS

最近在做一个 flip 效果的时候发现一个奇怪的问题,设置了

backface-visiable: hidden;
overflow: hidden

的元素反转180度以后背面没有被隐藏,最终还是被Google出来了,overflow会覆盖transform-style: preserve-3d属性,还有以下一些元素会导致 transform-style: preserve-3d 失效:


Don’t set overflow: hidden on elements with 3D transformed children By Ana Tudor


The ‘back’ face of the card has a rotateY(180deg) set on it. Both faces have backface-visibility: hidden set. Setting overflow: hidden on their parent (the card) causes the 3D transformed face (‘back’ face) to disappear and backface-visibility: hidden to be ignored for the other.

From the spec (link):

The following CSS property values require the user agent to create a flattened representation of the descendant elements before they can be applied, and therefore override the behavior of transform-style: preserve-3d:

overflow: any value other than visible.

filter: any value other than none.

clip: any value other than auto.

clip-path: any value other than none.

isolation: used value of isolate.

mask-image: any value other than none.

mask-box-source: any value other than none.

mix-blend-mode: any value other than normal.

The computed value of transform-style is not affected.